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This entry was originally posted on my blog on Nov 04, 2005 06:25 PM. Some linked articles may be deleted. The original entry did not support inline images, so now I bring you the entry with all the glorious links to pictures viewable in the page! You can click on any of the photos for a larger view.

Read this page first. A guided tour of the Star Wars: Where Science Meets the Imagination exhibit at the Boston Museum of Science.

Seven Pieces
date posted: Nov 04, 2005 6:25 PM

Star Wars Exhibit at Boston Museum of Science: Part I

On Friday November 4, my Star Wars journey, which admittedly is my life, took me to the Boston Museum of Science for the exhibit Star Wars: Where Science Meets the Imagination.

Nov. 6 Update
Here are some articles related to the exhibit:

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- I saw this in the exhibit shop and am waiting until my next trip to pick it up. - Inside Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination Book - October 05, 2005

- Boston Exhibit Opens Tomorrow at the Museum of Science - October 26, 2005

BTW - The picture on this page was not part of this exhibit, but many other original props from the film are in it. But, full scale x-wing is PRETTY!:D

Come children, I will channel into your Force energy and show you the exhibit through my eyes (i.e. I know many of you will never be able to make it to the exhibit any time soon, so here's a guided tour).

The Journey Home Begins
After navigating my AT-speeder (yeah, its a pick-up truck but this whole thing is about imagination, which us SW fans have a lot of) through the congested streets of Coruscant (Boston district), I successfully landed in the Museum of Science parking garage and accounted for the first nick in my wallet. Winding through the garage corridor labyrinth, I made it to the gates of SW fan heaven: the ticket booth (second nick in the wallet).

After a small localized battle with hundreds of screaming school children on tours (Force pushing came in handy here) in the museum's main corridors...aaaah, the first taste in the main hall was a glass encased x-wing model which was about four feet long (I was soon to see many more model ships that were used in all 6 SW films), I still had yet to make it to the main exhibit. Further down the hall I see an all too familiar site; a fulll scale circular hall with padded modules all around from the Millenium Falcon complete with our favorite Wookiee guarding the entrance. This was a seperate exhibit (and an extra fee) to have a "virtual" jump to hyperspace in the MF cockpit. To the left of that exhibit was the stairway leading to the main exhibit, welcomed by a stormtrooper. I decided to bypass the MF exhibit for now to possibly come back after the main show, of which I never did and gave myself another reason to return to the exhibit in the near future.

After a quick and easy Jedi mind-trick with the trooper, I gained passage to the actual exhibit entrance, a beautiful Tatooine-scape complete with two projected suns above the exhibit doorway. The chills continue to heighten.

The first thing around the entrance partition is Luke's original E4 landspeeder:

... of which I was particularly interested in the cockpit:

More views of the landspeeder:
... and a smaller model:

Next up is a model of a Trade Federation ATT:

Kids got to try out their own ability to control an air car:

Around this time I looked down at my camera settings and realized that my low battery light was flashing so I took off through the whole exhibit to take as many pictures that I could as quickly as possible, using the Force again to sway the other viewers out of the way. I captured almost all of the movie paraphanelia, and will be shipping the original ANH Darth Vader costume to Darth Vader promptly.

LOL - but really the following are everything up to the final death of my battery, which is all the movie props and models except the Wampa and snowtrooper, Padme's outfit while on Tatooine, and the blaster display (of which you can see a small glimpse of above the "holy grail" - the lightsabers (and the last picture before the battery died):

The Good Stuff Made Easy;)

Devastator Imperial Star Destroyer model

Imperial Tie Fighter model

Anakin and Obi Wan's ROTS costumes


TPM Anakin and Jawa costume and some Tatooine models

Sebulba's Podracer model

ANH Sandperson and AOTC female Tusken

Mace's costume, Jedi training globe and Yoda puppet!

Yoda and globe close-up
(not sure if this is THE Yoda puppet or one of several created for TESB)

Models of the Rebel blockade runner Tantive IV, Y-Wing and a tiny Naboo Royal Starship

Tantive IV again - the model was about 4 feet + long

Same trio, different angle

Millenium Falcon, rear view

Front view of our favorite Corellian freighter.
Whatta hunk of junk! This model was about 4 feet in diameter

Captain Solo and Chewie, pilots of the MF


- Actually one other movie prop display i didnt catch was TPM 3PO (partially built 3PO) and a battle droid. Bummer! Oh well... I'll just have to go back again.

Opening scene ANH Leia, R2 and 3PO
(I hate picking favorites, but this is quite possibly the one)

Walkers AT-AT, AT-ST and AT-TE models

Another view of the trio

Vader's mask and helmet assembly

Another view (I beleive these are all from ROTS)

Luke's prosthetic hand and bad view of Lobot's headgear

Anakin's prosthetic hand

Larger view of both prosthetic hands and med droids

IT-O (Imperial interrogation droid) and some small Grevious models.
Fitting in with the medical technology scheme of this area of the exhibit

Tarfful and Wookiee warrior
(I dont know the name of the Wookiee on the right! Anyone?)

Kashyykk tree model

Wookiee arsenal

Chewie's bowcaster - sweet!

Wookiee close-ups,
Watch out! Too close!
To give you an idea of how tall they are,
I am almost 6 feet and the case these are in is only a few inches off the ground

Good old Imperial stormtrooper and his Republic clonetrooper mini-me

The "Wars" in Star Wars

The Piece de Resistance - I already posted the lightsabers above but heck, why not again! This is the official end of battery life, but there are still more pictures in Part II of this blog (see below)

Continue to more about the exhibit at my blog page Star Wars Exhibit at Boston Museum of Science: Part II